Construction Cleanup—5 Lessons Learned

Texas Street Sweeping Service and Construction Site Clean Up

We’ve been cleaning up construction sites since 2004, so we’ve learned a few things along the way, as have our customers. 

Here are five lessons savvy builders and project managers have learned that make it easy for them to call us when it’s time for construction site cleanup.

1. Construction cleanup services actually save you money.

Any construction project manager worth her salary runs a tight budget. There’s no wiggle room for lengthy lunch breaks or delays. And there’s certainly no margin for taking skilled construction workers off the job to do routine construction cleanup. 

That’s why many customers not only bring us in for final post-construction cleanup, but they also have us do periodic cleanup of their sites as construction progresses. Keeping sites squared away for workers and inspectors as the job proceeds eliminate avoidable—and potentially expensive—delays. 

Workers can keep working without constantly stopping to sweep up dust and debris. Contractors aren’t slowed by responding to neighbors complaining about soil track-out dirtying their streets and parking lots. And clients can quickly and safely tour sites as work progresses.  

When you save time at a site, you’re saving money—and More Clean helps that happen. 

Call us for post-construction cleanup or as-you-build cleanup. Both can save your schedule and be a boost to your budget. 

2. Post-construction cleanup can be dangerous.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to leave it to the pros. 

In addition to the danger of dealing with stray nails and drifts of litter, sites are often thick with dust and booby-trapped with shards of glass and metal. Without the training we provide every More Clean technician, it’s easy for cleaners to be exposed to hazardous chemicals and particulate matter that can cause respiratory problems. 

And it’s easy to find that your site is violating one or more OSHA regulations. 

We see all those hidden dangers and know how to safely deal with them. Calling us for construction cleanup services means you’re not putting your workers at risk, and you can trust our protocols and procedures to catch every detail so your site is ready for renters or buyers. 

Plus, we bring more than just our training to the task. We have the specialized cleaning solutions and tools to do the job right: trucks, vacuum vehicles, power washers, floor scrubbers, carpet cleaners, top-notch personal protection equipment—everything needed to make construction look, smell, and feel fresh and new. 

3. Construction site cleanup goes all the way to the curb—and beyond.

It’s not enough to simply clean up the interior of a construction site. There’s also the exterior—and that exterior often stretches out to neighboring roadways through soil track-out. 

Construction debris isn’t just unsightly; it can pollute stormwater and potentially make you liable for non-compliance with legal regulations. It can prompt angry phone calls from neighboring properties. It can lead to fines, damages, and days spent in court.  

Our construction cleanup services will clear your site both inside and out—including affected lots, roads, parking lots, and pathways. 

You can count on us to have your property ready to make a great first impression on neighbors, residents, and customers. Our certified technicians are trained to look at the big picture, not just the dust and debris on your property. 

4. Do construction site cleanup right, or you’ll be doing it twice.

Anyone can sweep a tile floor or power wash an entranceway sidewalk. It’s more complicated to clear walls and ceilings of dust, but with enough time and a long-enough vacuum hose you can make that happen. 

Yet your site won’t really be clean. 

We know where to look for dust and debris that’s often overlooked. Ductwork, closets, and corners often hide particulates that quickly find their way into the air once HVAC systems are active and residents or employees are bustling about. We quickly and efficiently clean what you can see—and what you don’t see. 

One of our technicians likes to talk about various levels of “clean” when it comes to his own home. There’s “friend-coming-over clean”, “sister-visiting clean”, and “mother-in-law-visiting clean.” 

We clean like your white-gloved mother-in-law will show up any moment.

5. Picking up debris is just part of the job.

Once our trucks are loaded, all that debris has to go somewhere…but where? 

At More Clean, we have the expertise to acquire permits and comply with all disposal regulations in your location, but we bring something more: we bring a commitment to recycling what can be recycled and to repurposing what can be repurposed. 

We can provide multiple industrial collection bins so your workers can sort as they go, separating glass from concrete and wire from wood. We supplement their efforts by providing construction site cleanup with recycling in mind, careful to identify the right place to take each individual container. 

Yes, it’s an extra step, but it’s one that sets us apart from the competition. You’ll know that every effort has been taken to keep your site green and environmentally responsible—including the disposal of debris. 

We’re here for you—and all of Texas.

Whether you’re building around the corner from us in Austin or in the far reaches of the state, we serve all of Texas. We’re happy to talk with you about your project no matter where in the Lone Star State you’re working. 

Give us a call today. Let’s partner to keep your construction site safe and clean.